What Is Stylish Simplicity?

To me it means clean, modern lines, without the coldness associated with minimalism.  There’s room for different eras and a variety of textures.

Stylish Simplicity allows craftsmanship to shine.  The great bones of a home are not overwhelmed by an explosion of ornate decoration.

I love the elemental, classic, and yet contemporary, aesthetic of Stylish Simplicity.  It doesn’t have to be boring. In this aesthetic, a touch of the unexpected really stands out.  For example, a chandelier placed in the bathroom will pop more than one placed in the dining room.

It’s an appreciation for beauty in objects we may see every single day. In a fast-paced world it’s easy to overlook the drop dead gorgeous design of the items above.

What do the words Stylish Simplicity say to you?

  1. Daniella said:

    Very beautiful Arlene! Look forward to reading your thoughts and getting inspired.

  2. janice said:

    Hi, you once wrote me a lovely response to a question I had about moving abroad (I was living in LA, now in DC). I just went to see what you’ve been up to on sistergirltales and it directed me here. Congratulations on your various successes, and great to see this new blog. Who doesn’t love a stylish life? Very excited to follow you!.

    • Thank you, Janice!

      Hope you’re enjoying living in DC.

  3. I love simplicity with a flair. The lamp especially speaks to me.

    • I’m a big fan of Ilaria’s lamps. This one is my favorite.

  4. odessa said:

    Hi Arlene!
    Just wanted to say hello and congrats to your new home. Looking forward to reading about this new chapter in your life.


  5. Naphtali said:

    Love the lamps. I love simplicity that is sustainable, and speaks for itself. Liking this new blog of yours.

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