Io Adoro – Chez Dédé

I’ve written about Wonderfool the spa and concept store before.   One thing I really like about Wonderfool is how they highlight Iocal artisans.

A few weeks ago there was an aperitivi at the store and several of the designers were there.

I had a chance to speak with the très chic Daria Reina the Creative Director of Chez Dédé, a French-Italian label.  She and her partner Andrea Ferolla started the company a few years ago.  Inspiration struck the luxury goods communications consultant and the art director while they were on the island of St. Barths.

At Wonderfool they sell only their bags, but Chez Dédé also makes scarves and bracelets.  Their scarves for men, Les New Yorkaises, would be perfect for my boyfriend, if I had one.   The colors are striking and I hope they start to design some for us ladies as well.

Each bag is name for an island or a beach they have visited.  One of the newest editions is their Grand Tour bag.  It’s sporty and sophisticated. I LOVE it.  It’s a perfect bag for a longer trip.  You can fill it with mementos of your journey.

Another addition to the collection is the Taormina bag.  Made with a stunning Sicilian red, this bag inspires me to book a trip to Sicily pronto.

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The craftsmanship is remarkable. Not only are these bags gorgeous, they are well made.  Daria said it was important to her and her partner to make the bags in Italy.  I’m sure Chez Dédé would make a lot more money producing the bags elsewhere. I appreciate their commitment to pay artisans well.

I’m not completely anti-fast fashion, but I’m doing my best to avoid it. I’d rather own a few things of excellent quality than buy a bunch of things from Zara/H&M/Top Shop that fall apart after two washings.  Also, I have the worst figure for fast fashion.  What looks cool on my thin and/or tall friends looks, well, cheap on me.

I adore these bags and not just because I’m an Island Girl myself. They are very “Stylish Simplicity”.

I was telling one of my friends that I couldn’t decide which one to get.  One of the bigger totes (Ciao Portofino!  Bonjour Cap Ferrat!) or the cute smaller Salina one?  I will decide after my birthday next month.

Chez Dédé

  1. See if you can snag from Daria a copy of their little book called “The Necessary Superfluous” — it is divine visual inspiration. (And BTW don’t think I’m all “in” or anything… the only reason I ever met them is because my best friend Ele used to work with them and so I got to tag along with her to their label launch at Wonderfool last summer. You, on the other hand, find these amazing things all on your own, which is why you are the personal shopper, stylist and interior designer. –!!–)

  2. I do not know this book! I must track it down. I hope that Wonderfool starts to sell more of their things. I went on the website and I want pretty much everything. I need help. And to make some serious money.

  3. Thank you Arlene! We just come back from Pitti in Florence and then in Siciliy where we lauched the new Taormina model. Pitti was abolutely amazing!! Big success with great buyers. We also had the honour of the visit of Michael Roberts who came directly to our booth and felt in love with our collection. Fantastic. Let me know where I can send you one copy of the book Shelley is talking about. This way you’ll have the whole mood ;-) !! Hope to meet you again very soon.

    • You’re welcome!

      My friend returned to Wonderfool to buy “her” bag.

      Congrats on your big success at Pitti. Micheal Roberts? That is huge.

      I have to make it to Pitti one of these days (and to Sicily as well). Sigh.

      Thank you so much for offering to send me a copy of your book. I will send you my address.

      A presto!

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