I Libri: Summers In France by Kathryn M. Ireland

Summers in France

Summers In France is a fabulous read.

Along with photos of gorgeous interiors, there are recipes, tips on how to be a gracious hostess and guest, and information about the amazing markets near Ms. Ireland’s summer home in the Tarn-et-Garonne region of Southwestern France.

I really appreciated the before and after photos.   Ms. Ireland has taken a rundown farm house and turned it into a wonderful home.

If you’ve seen Ms. Ireland on the show “Million Dollar Decorators”, you know she has a very vivacious personality.  This comes through in the book.  It’s clear she loves to entertain and to make her guests feel at home.

The house is beautifully decorated but there is nothing stuffy about it.  It’s not easy to pull off the combo of comfortable yet chic.  I’ve flagged quite a few pages in this book.

Sigh,  I cannot wait until I can have my own home in the countryside.

  1. Sorry, your comment went directly into my spam folder. In case it’s not spam, I will say I’m not sure where in the Italian countryside. We’ll see.

  2. Hi, Arlene, thanks so much for stopping by. What a treat to discover your blog! I love MMD and Kathryn Ireland is hilarious as well as talented. Oh and I’m also counting the days until my country house. :)

    • You’re welcome!

      I just read that there will be a second season of Million Dollar Decorators. Cannot wait.

      I agree with you regarding Ms. Ireland.

    • Thanks Katy!! I’m a big fan of your writing too. And congrats on your show going to pilot. x

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