The Dog Days Of Summer

Am I the only person who finds it difficult to work when it’s blazing hot and there’s no a/c?

Earlier in the week it was so bad, I felt nauseous all day.  I couldn’t take it anymore and on Thursday went out to Santa Marinella for a day trip.  Finally, some relief.

Santa Marinella

I have never been during high season.  It was packed.

My favorite restaurant was closed so I tried L’Acqua Marina which my friend Elizabeth likes.  The food was delicious and the view wasn’t too bad either.

Sea view from the restaurant L’Acqua Marina

I think there are more tourists in town this August.  That is great news for the economy.  Not such great news if you are a local stuck in Rome.  Almost everything non touristy (e.g. dry cleaners, newsstand, favorite restaurants) is closed. It’s the worst of both worlds. I don’t get to enjoy “quiet Rome” because my area is packed with tourists.

The majority of my friends are out of town for weeks.  Many of my American expat friends to go the States to see family and my Italian friends are traveling all over.

Plus it’s too bloody hot to do anything outside from 9:30 a.m. to about 5:30 p.m.

I know I say it (I need to get out of Rome in August) every year, but this summer broke the camel’s back.  A law was passed recently allowing places that serve “food” to stay open as late as they want instead of closing at 2:00 a.m.  So now the obnoxious bar across my very narrow street, has drunk tourists singing/fighting/yelling until 5:00 a.m.

Even with my windows shut and a fan going I can hear these fools.  I don’t think I will be able to move to a new apartment when my contract is up next year, but I will rent a place in the mountains or by the sea next summer.  I am so done.

No sleep + 100 degree temperatures = one cranky person.

How do you cope with the heat?




  1. Karen said:

    I escaped the Chicago heat by heading to LA in July (which was only about 70-ish degrees..lovely!) for 2 weeks and now in Eugene. I’ve been enjoying a much cooler summer on the road than those 100-degree days in the Midwest the last 5-6 weeks. Soo not a hot weather girl. Just keep thinking of that place in the mountains next year… :) Hope you can find a few ways to stay cool until the heat lets up!

    • Enjoy the rest of your summer. It sounds lovely (and nice and cool).

      Like you I’m not a hot weather girl. Warm weather like the Caribbean? Yes? Hot blazing sun beaming down on a city? No.

  2. Ice cream milkshakes, root beer floats or blood orange sorbet. ( I really, really miss real Italian gelato.) Oh, and lots of icy, ice tea. I try not to run my AC even though I have it, too much $$$. I have a 2-story house and I open the windows upstairs and a few downstairs and use convection (hot air rises/cool air sinks) to cool the house. Plus I put up some sunscreen fabric on the deck to block the sun on the kitchen which faces due west. The downstairs stays pretty cool but the upstairs heats up in the late afternoon which is nice in the winter. Can you use earplugs when you sleep?

  3. I do use earplugs but they only help a little. Last night for some reason the stupid place across the street was closed and it was lovey!!

    I have been drinking a LOT of ice tea with lemon granita. Your comment reminds me, I need to eat some blood orange sorbetto immediately.

  4. foosrock! said:

    It’s hot as hades here in ZH too, but my work building is at least air-conditioned. I get to work earlier now as it’s cooler to shower in the very early mornings without sweating a bucket as soon as you dry off. So yeah for my boss. Otherwise, after work, head straight home, pack my bikini and walk through the woods down to the lake of Zürich till it gets dark, then I head home to prepare for work tomorrow…Not a sun person as I suffer from “sun allergies”, so can’t wait for my favourite season: Autumn!

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