Snapshots: Rome – Ferragosto Lunch

It’s Ferragosto, one of the major Italian holidays.

The city has pretty much cleared out except for tourists and people who work with tourists.

One tradition I fully support is the Ferragosto lunch.  This year my friend Erica and I decided to Treat. Our. Selves. and have a proper lunch at one of our neighborhood places Pierluigi.

Unfortunately, it was so outrageously hot, we sat inside.

We also sat next to rapper/singer Frank Ocean, which was definitely one of my more random celebrity sightings.

It is NOT a holiday in the States.  I had to work today and have a conference call tonight (the L.A. time difference can be a killer sometimes).

That said, meeting a good friend for a delicious lunch is a wonderful thing.

Buon Ferragosto a tutti!

  1. Jannelle said:

    Frank Ocean? Cool! Did you acquire an autography by chance?

    • Nope. Once I started working in Hollywood, I stopped getting autographs.

      Everyone left him alone except for one Swedish fan who did say hi but didn’t ask a photo or anything. Ocean is in the middle of an European tour.

  2. Pierluigi is always a great treat (yo’self) ;)

    • I’ve only eaten there a few times but their small bar is one of my favorites in Rome. I agree with you. It is a great treat.

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