Stylish Simplicity – Hunter Wellington Boots

Rainy season will start soon in Rome.

I know Hunter Wellies have become crazy popular recently.   However, unlike some other trends, this one is a classic.  Hunter’s boots are not just fashionable, they are well made.

This Scottish based company has been making boots since 1856.  While I don’t own a country estate in the UK, I do need boots that can stand up to the torrential downpours we get here.

I’m not sure which color to get.  I love their Stylish Simplicity.

Hunter Wellington Boots (aka Wellies)





  1. Gillian said:

    I think this is the year I finally get myself a pair of these! thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Just checked out that pic. I’m jealous too. There’s a store in Prati with a great selection of colors.

    I thought it was supposed to pour today. Maybe the rain will come later.

  3. I think we should go. And we should get the winter sock insert that i am obsessed with.

  4. Ashley said:

    I love these. Already have one pair in purple. They come in handy in rainy New Orleans. Do I NEED a new pair? Not really, but still contemplating THESE kooky, but fabulous ones:

  5. Claudia said:

    So, as someone that has never worn these…do you bring normal shoes with you and then change shoes, let’s say if you’re going to work? I’m just curious…I live in Florida and it might start out sunny and beautiful…then the downpour, then sun again….

  6. I don’t bring another pair of shoes, but I don’t work in an office.

    They are quite fashionable. Unless you work in a very conservative office like a law firm, I think you could wear them all day.

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