Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” – Season 2

Tonight (10/9c) is the premiere of Bravo’s hit decorating show (in the United States).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about the international dates. Last season, it started to air in Italy a few months later on SKY’s Real Time channel.

It better air here this season.  I’m still salty about the E! Channel being dropped.  No more “Fashion Police”, “THS” or those great specials about murderous cheerleaders.

From what I’ve read and heard, there will be a greater focus on decorating/design this season.

Of course this is a reality program and there must be drama as well.  A TV series where everything goes well and everyone gets along all the time would be boring.

I hope they show more of Kathryn M. Ireland’s beautiful home.

I asked Martin Lawrence Bullard if he had a new catchphrase for this season. He does!

For more info about the show and to see clips, check out Bravo’s page HERE.

Those of us outside the United States cannot see the clips. Sigh.

  1. dgibber123 said:

    I watched some of this episode (I’m really behind on TV). These guys are all hilarious and have larger than life personalities! I can’t add one more TV show to my viewing docket, but if I could, I’d add this :)

  2. I’m bummed it’s not airing here yet and we can’t seen ANY of the Bravo clips.

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