What Is The Purpose Of A Blog Now?

I was at a Rome Bloggers meet up a few months ago and one of my fellow bloggers told me she missed my old blog.

My former blog was more personal and a bit all over the place.  One day I would write about politics , or my friend’s big Italian wedding, and the next day about some silly pop-culture thing like the horrific “Kwanzaa Cake” made by Sandra Lee.

The blogging world has changed a great deal since 2005.  It’s become a big business and very niche.

When I first started this blog I felt a lot of pressure to keep it extremely focused.  I understood the advice from my social media savvy friends.  They would ask me questions like,”What’s the point of your blog? What are your goals for the blog?  What IS your blog, personal, design, lifestyle, expat?”

Something clicked when I read my friend Felicia’s recent post.

I should worry less about labeling my blog or trying to shoe-horn it into a very narrow space.

Design blogs are more than pretty pictures. The popular ones have a POV or narrative that’s engaging.  They have to be, thanks in part to the explosive success of Pinterest.

Interior design is influenced by many things… art, fashion, music, film, travel, the list goes on.   I like to write about those subjects as well and I will.

It’s a new year and time to loosen the strings a little.




  1. Gillian said:

    Arlene, I am so looking forward to seeing what you have to say in 2013.

  2. Whatever you say, I”m always going to enjoy reading it!! Keep up the great work.

  3. I struggle with this too, but I truly believe that the most interesting blogs are those that are a bit human — with wandering minds and interests, and the urge to explore. So go for it!

    • I agree with you regarding the most interesting blogs. As we get older things change and my former blog was great for that period in my life. Now I have to find the right balance/tone.

  4. You have a great blog here, very professional, but yes, I do admit to missing the more human touch of the old blog. Whatever you decide, I will keep reading.

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