Reading, Writing, And Decorating.

Mamma mia, what a week.  It’s been non-stop since the Italian holiday season officially ended last Sunday with the Befana.

There was a lot of running around picking out fabrics, butchering the Italian language when I met with the drapes/sofa maker, writing budgets, and following up on a million things that were put on hold before the holidays.

My siblings and in-laws asked me what I wanted for Christmas.   I have a bunch of design books on my wish list.  The first batch of the books arrived last week (thanks fam!).  I cannot wait to dig in.

This is my kind of homework.

This is my kind of homework.

Now I just have to find the time to sit back with a ice-filled glass of Coke, some San Carlo Rustica chips and start reading.

  1. Gillian said:

    books, icy coke & salty crunchy snacks. Heaven!

  2. Add a sunny Sunday afternoon and it would be perfection. I may have to wait until the rainy season is over.

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