Stylish Simplicity – Bee Still, My Beating Heart – La Rochere Tumbler

I’ve been a fan of these glasses for ages.   I saw them in Kathryn Ireland’s kitchen last year and thought to myself, “I need to buy some when I move to a bigger apartment.”

I had to find a new kettle.  I decided to go ahead and spend money on a solid one, as the cheap one I bought fell apart way too soon.  Off I went to C.U.C.I.N.A. 

I try my best to avoid this store as every single time I stop in to buy one specific item, I get sucked into picking up a few things.

It happened again.  I walked past the glasses section and somehow two glasses ended up in my basket.

La Rochere French Bee Tumbler.

La Rochere French Bee Tumbler.

It’s okay.  It makes me happy when I open up my kitchen cabinet and see these two little glasses.  Once I move, I’m getting a set.

In the States you can find them at Sur La Table.

As for the kettle, I bought a Le Creuset that was double the price of my old one.  However, this one is built to last and very pretty.

  1. Claudia said:

    Those glasses are super cute! I have a thing for cups and mugs…I’ve amassed a nice selection over the years…yet have only 4 real glasses! C’est la vie, no?

  2. I have more glasses than mugs or cups (clearing not a coffee drinker) but it’s funny how I keep using the same glasses over and over again.

    I need to live a little and mix it up!

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