Weekend Inspiration – Kate Spade + Bicycles + Shutters On The Beach = Stylish Fun

It’s a cloudy, rainy day in Rome.

To be honest, I’m so over the rainy season it’s not funny.  Perhaps living in sunny Los Angeles for ten years has ruined my ability to cope with normal winter weather.

I went to college in Upstate New York.  I’m from the East Coast.  Now all of a sudden I’m a big wimp when it comes to the weather?  I really need to stop complaining about the cold because in a few months it will be too hot.

It’s Oscar weekend.  One of the most fun events is the Independent Spirit Awards, which were held under a big tent in Santa Monica with the after party at Shutters On The Beach Hotel.

The last time I went to the party, a friend and I kept following bumping into Daniel Craig. It was a glorious day.

Unfortunately, the upcoming forecast is not so glorious…  rain for the next five days.  Clearly, there will be no stylish bike riding for me this weekend.

Buon weekend a tutti!






  1. chillcat said:

    I love the part about bumping into Daniel Craig. Now that should cheer anyone up. Details??

  2. That silly Daniel Craig! He should watch where he’s going, bumping into you like that over and over! For shame! ;-)

  3. revelinitmag said:

    So happy I googled you today. Found this. Congratulations! Takes me back to the last time I saw you in L.A. Happy to see you thriving!

      • revelinitmag said:

        I’m really well. I miss you. Had such a great time with you when you were here. Thank you! I would love to do a Q&A with you for it once I get to that phase of things. In the meanwhile, I’d love to catch up (perhaps via Skype?) and continue the conversation about creativity and life that we were having when you were in L.A.

      • Paula, it was so fun to catch up! Looking forward to our next conversation. x

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