Go Ahead And Waste Some Time

I was reading one of my favorite interior design/lifestyle blogs, FROM THE RIGHT BANK, and Ally’s post about making time for your passions really struck a chord with me.

It’s important to recharge and to be inspired, especially if you work in a creative field.

I know in our culture (American) we have this thing about “not wasting time.”  We live to work and don’t take vacations.  For some, they feel pressured not to use their few measly vacation days because they don’t want to be seen as slackers. When you have a CEO barely taking maternity leave, it sends a very clear message, “You have no life outside this office/job. Don’t even think about taking a vacation.”

I know many people who work for themselves and they brag constantly about NEVER taking day off.

I used to do that.  I felt guilty if I wasn’t always working or doing something “productive.”  I was going to out work everyone and move up that ladder.

I don’t know if it’s getting older, moving overseas, or getting completely screwed over at a former job, but I don’t think it’s great to never take a day off.

If I go to a museum one afternoon how is that wasting time?  Maybe a color in a Caravaggio would be perfect for a client’s dining room.  Maybe that painting will inspire me in a way that won’t be clear for years.

For my mental and physical health, my creativity, and my soul I must waste more time.

I love the Bertrand Russell quote in Ally’s post.  “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

I agree.

  1. Brava! Thanks for reminding me that it is always good to waste time– your eyes and mind open, and who knows what inspiration will flow in…. Great piece and well written.

    • Thank you, Moscerina. I’m really going to make an effort to change years of hard core wiring.

  2. chillcat said:

    Thanks for this quote! I’ve had to push myself to take off time in the past, and have often felt guilty for not writing or thinking about it. But it’s so true, we must regenerate, nourish our ideas, travel a different path towards our goals! Happy
    Easter break! Best, cat

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