Weekend Inspiration – Get Lucky

No one really knows what makes a song THE song of the summer.

Is it the timing, the melody, the lyrics, sheer luck, or a combination of all these things?

One thing we know for sure is you cannot create “the song of the summer.” It just happens.

Pop culture, especially music, is so fragmented.  The song of the summer cuts across genre lines.

This year’s song of the summer, is Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

The first time I heard this track it made me feel all the feelings.

It’s contemporary mixed with a disco-vibe.  It sounded a little like a classic from the band CHIC.  I was not surprised to read that the very talented Nile Rogers was one of the producers.

Pharell is also a producer on the song.  What a summer he’s having.  Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” (with a Marvin Gaye sample) is also a monster summer hit.

I’ve just arrived in Salina and have heard this song all over the island.  When I hear it in the future it will always remind me of Summer 2013 on a beautiful Italian island.

Here is the male model version from the CFDA’s.  Unfortunately, it’s not a walk off.  I would like to see a gentleman wear an outfit from Thom Browne’s Amish/Hasidic collection off the runway, including the hat.

Someone did a ’70s Soul Train line mash up. The dude at 0:31 is too cool for school.  Love it. The fashion is amazing.  Some of these dresses you could wear now.

If this doesn’t make you move, call your doctor, you might be dead.

Buon weekend a tutti!

  1. tracie p said:

    love the song, the album is pretty sweet too. i tend to like EVERYTHING pharell (and prev the netunes) is involved with. i saw him outside the four seasons in austin a few years back, he’s a small guy!

    i loved his work with kelis way back when too, and JT’s senorita still makes my butt wiggle. and blurred lines is mine and georgia’s jam of the summer for sure. she’s too young to understand the lyrics…that’s how i justify it.

    seems that wnything with a disco vibe always finds its way to the top. i’ll never forget how neffa’s “prima di andare via” blew up my first summer (2003) in italy! good stuff. check out daft punk’s “moroeder.” it’s a great song with an interview with giorgo moroeder dubbed over it.

    have FUN in sicily! there is nothing i would like better than to float my pregnant butt in the sea!

    • I have to check out the album.

      Remember that Kelis song, “Caught Out There”? I think that was the first time I heard of the Neptunes. I saw Pharell once at Barney’s in L.A. having lunch. I was so excited and the agent I was with didn’t even know who he was. I couldn’t take that agent seriously anymore. Dude, worked in entertainment. Come on.

      I don’t know this Neffa song. Off to find it.

      Giorgio Moroeder! I haven’t heard that name in ages.

      This my first time in Sicily. No words. I will be back.

      • tracie p said:

        yes of course! LOVED that song, and the video with all of the protesting women :) as for neffa, “come mai” was his 2nd disco hit from that album. it released in the fall of 2003, also a good one, almost like it better than “prima di andare via.”

        lmk what you think!

      • dgibber123 said:

        I think Kelis and a Mya (with Buju I think?) song were the first time I heard of the Neptunes. Love them.

  2. Grazie mille for the tips! I need to listen to more Italian music. My teacher said it will help me with the language.

  3. Dgibber, How much do I love the opening bars of “Milkshake”? One of my favorites from the Neptunes. Also, they are former marching band geeks.

    • Yes, I read that in USA Today and the NY Times. Pretty incredible how that happens. People all over the world united under a groove.

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