Snapshots – Salina, Sicily

It took me forever to get to Salina.

I took a car (at 5:00 a.m.) to the airport to fly to Palermo, a taxi from the Palermo airport to the central train station, the train from Palermo to Milazzo, a ferry from Milazzo to Lipari, a ferry from Lipari to Salina.

Once I arrived, I understood why so many of my Italian friends schlep from Rome, Milan, etc. to visit the Aeolian islands.  Stunning.

Salina is surprisingly green for a volcanic island, tiny (population 2,000), and there was a constant breeze.  The food was delicious and folks knew how to make a very good cocktail.

It was my first trip to any island in Italy.  That’s bananas.  I’m an island person.  I was born on the island of Manhattan and my parents are from St. Martin.

I cannot wait to return.




  1. That looks like a dream. Totally worth the effort. Next Capri!

  2. Gorgeous! I went to Stromboli as an au pair a million years ago and I am STILL writing about it! And now I’ve made Corsica my second home in the summer. Divine.

    • I hope to make to Stromboli during my next visit. Maybe I will hike up the volcano.

  3. It sounds wonderful. What’s in the cup?
    But now I have the song “Island Girl”, in my head. It needs to stop.

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