Weekend Inspiration – La Farmacia

I know people love to talk smack about Gwyneth Paltrow’s webiste, GOOP.   I don’t understand why someone would subscribe to a website they hated.   It’s not as if anyone is forcing them to read Ms. Paltrow’s musings.

Yes, some of her suggestions are bananas.  However, posts like The French Pharmacy are fantastic.

One great about living in Europe are the pharmacies.  Finally, some of the skin care products can be found in the States but usually at much higher prices.

Klorane is one of my favorite brands.  I will be working this weekend, including a very early Saturday meeting with one of my clients.  I ran into my local farmacia to pick up one thing and ended up also buying the Energia shower gel and some conditioner.


Photo: Allure.com

I wish I could go to a spa this weekend.  Instead, I will do a janky home version.  Now, I need to run out to the market to get some cucumbers and limes.

Buon weekend!

  1. Jannelle said:

    Do you still write?

      • Jannelle said:

        I meant in general. I know you wrote a book.

  2. I must say I have a great country pharmacist who’ll hunt down anything for me, give me a discount and give me huge bags of sample creams for cheap flights. I haven’t read Gwyneth’s blog yet and might have a peek. There is so much to read out there, hey?

    • Sometimes her recommendations are hilarious. Not all of us are Spence graduated actresses married to rock stars!

  3. Yes, I still write. Working a few things. Whether or not any of my non-blog work will be published is another story. No pun.

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