Weekend Inspiration – Rosé Wine

When I was growing up in the States, rosé had a reputation for being a second rate wine.  I don’t know why that is.

However, in St. Martin (the half French, half Dutch island) I noticed it everywhere, restaurants (including upscale ones), beach bars, house parties, etc.

Once my parents moved back to the island, my siblings and I started to spend more time there.   My sister, Daniella, LOVES rosé and would insist on stopping by a wine shop to stock up for our stay.

Now, thanks to Daniella, I am a big fan of getting my rosé on the minute the warm weather arrives.

Certain words and images come to mind when I drink rosé: summer, family, friends, good food, beaches, the Caribbean, outdoor seating in my favorite piazza, France, Sicily, parties, pink.

Some rosés at the fantastic wine shop, Comptoir France, in Rome,

Some rosés at a fantastic wine shop, Comptoir France, in Rome.

Here’s a write up about rosé from The Kitchn.

Buon weekend a tutti!

  1. Arlene, you are preaching to the converted here. I adore rosé and just came back from Corsica with a crate of bottles! Yes to Corsican sunsets with a full pinkish glass – I’m missing it something terrible!

    • I could kick myself for not getting into rosé earlier (although maybe that’s a good thing?).

      I have never been to Corsica. It, along with so many other places, is on my list.

  2. Paola said:

    Ah, the ever underestimated rosé … I always liked it though. Nowadays a rosé prosecco (or Champagne if you are into French stuff) it’s very chic!

  3. gwhiz4 said:

    I blame it on the White Zinfandel!

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