Weekend Inspiration – Dead Macbooks and Cy Twombly

What a crazy week this has been.

My sister, who lives in Washington DC, was in Hamburg for an international public policy conference and we decided to meet in Munich.

One of the highlights of our very quick trip was the Brandhorst Museum.  This modern art space has some really impressive pieces, including works by Cy Twombly.

When I returned to Rome, I hit the ground running.  Suddenly, everything came to a halt because my laptop (granted, it was very old) died.

Now I’m typing on an Italian keyboard.  I’m glad that the € symbol is right there along with é and è but the darn ‘ and @ are in completely different places.

It’s a good thing I’m getting better about rolling with the punches (thanks dysfunctional Italy!)  If this large and unexpected expense had happened last year, I would’ve worked myself into a giant knot of stress while freaking out about my credit card bill.

Instead, I’m thankful that I have a business that’s growing and I know that this purchase was an investment in that business.

That said, I must admit that a tiny part of me was thinking, “damn, I could’ve bought a scarf and the bracelet I love at Hermès for that amount.”

As one of my close friends would say, “It’s only money.”  Of course this statement is usually uttered by people who have money.  She went on to say that experiences are more important.

I do appreciate nice things and I would love to have some of them in my life but I agree with what my friend said about experiences.

Yes, I took a big hit this week but what I will remember is standing in a large room in Munich surrounded by Twombly with my sister talking about art, politics, and how despite a ten year age difference we have the exact taste in men.

Several of these pieces are in the Broadhorst. Inspiring.  Buon Weekend!





  1. Just got hit with a large unexpected expense and I am thinking “It’s only money”. Somehow, today it’s not making me feel better….must be the heat

    • I’m sorry. They are the worst. It’s one thing to budget for a new car, computer, refrigerator, etc. but when one breaks down, it hurts to pull out the checkbook/credit card.

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