Stylish Simplicity – Paola Navone for Crate & Barrel

One of my favorite American stores has recently announced their collaboration with the incredible, Milan-based architect/interior designer, Paola Navone.  To say I’m a fan of her work is a huge understatement.

I would like to buy so many things in this collection.  The darker blues remind me of Rome at dusk or the color of the sky above the mountains in St. Martin.

I wonder how much it would cost to ship a few items to Rome.  Okay, I need to stop.  I once had to pay €40 to get a pack of Girl Scout cookies out of customs that my sister had sent to me.  I love Samoas but come on, that’s bananas.

I will have to appreciate this collection from afar.   It’s the very definition of Stylish Simplicity.

como-dessert-plates mallorca-linen-napkinsmallorca-serving-bowls

For more information about Paola and to see the entire collection, HERE is the website.

  1. tracie p said:

    gorgeous! i especially love the vases and the candleholders–all of them! the stainless steel pitcher is fantastic too. i am trying NOT to spend money, this does not help! :)

    • The only thing that’s stopping me from ordering online is the customs charge. If I were in the States, forget it!

  2. Kelly said:

    And I’m so near the Grove! And loving those dark blue spots in the center in that one design. So simple but lovely! And the plain white with the edging too! Let me know if you want me to ship any to you!

    • Thanks Kelly!

      Crate & Barrel does ship overseas. The issue is customs. I had to ask my family and friends in the States not to send me any packages from America.

  3. So serendipitous! I just finished writing a post on this collection – went to see it a couple of days ago and there are plenty of things I would happy have bought. I limited myself to place mats….posting it tomorrow!

  4. dgibber123 said:

    If I had money, i would be EVERYTHING IN THIS COLLECTION

      • dgibber123 said:

        Be AND buy! lol

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