My Fall/Winter 2013 Wish List

I know there is a huge difference between want and need.  Many times I catch myself making statements such as, “that skirt needs to be in my closet.”

Hello, no it doesn’t.  I would like it to be there. That is a want.

I have written before about my lack of clothes for cold weather.  Now that I no longer spend the majority of my working hours in my house writing scripts, I really need to step up my fall/winter wardrobe.  I cannot meet with clients or vendors looking bananas.

Thank god I live in a city that is not as casual as Los Angeles.  If I wear a dress or a skirt to a meeting in Rome, nobody asks me why am I so dressed up.  Sometimes, wait for it, I even wear thigh-high stockings!

There are many things I would like to purchase this year but have narrowed down the list to five.

Long leather gloves. 

I’m thinking black or chocolate brown.  Why does Olivia Pope look so sad here?


Ankle boots with heels that can handle cobblestone streets.

I have a pair of ankle boots with a narrow heel.  They have been destroyed.  RIP.



Love the cut of this dress from J. Crew.


A camel hair coat. 

i do need a new winter cloth coat but I think I can get another season out of my current one. This will go in the want column.  Max Mara’s coats are classic.

people magazinekatie-holmes-660Photo: People

Last but not least, I do need a short winter sports jacket.  I look like the Michelin Tire Man in puffy jackets.  I like the lines of this one.

AUMXJK3The Northface

What’s on your list?

  1. Was just walking by Max Mara and they have the cutest coats this year. One, shortish and bright red, made me think of you. It was darling.

    • I saw that red coat!

      Sigh. So many beautiful things, so little closet space. Which is actually a good thing. I must stay within my budget.

  2. I haven’t visited Italy in winter in years partly because I don’t have any real winter clothes anymore! Sheepskin coats and skiwear was left behind when I moved to LA. But I do have a camel coat that still works in a pinch. But, man, when the cold really hits, even Rome, I always wished I was into wearing furs!

    • After living in Los Angeles for ten years, I cannot handle cold weather! I don’t know what happened to me.

      I went to college in upstate New York. I’m from the east coast. Rome doesn’t get that cold compared to winters in NYC, yet when the temps drop to 45F, I’m freezing. Mind you at Syracuse University that was practically shorts weather.

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