Weekend Inspiration – A West Village Townhouse

The much missed DOMINO magazine is back.   This time it’s a quarterly publication with a strong online and e-shopping presence.

I’m very curious about this new version of the magazine.  It’s $12 in the USA.  It is worth the price?  I wonder how much a subscription to Italy costs.

In the meantime, I will enjoy these photos.


I would love to have a kitchen that opens up to a yard.




For more on Ali Cayne’s home and to check out DOMINO click HERE.

Buon Weekend!

  1. chillcat said:

    Love the kitchen. Love all the floors. My house opens to yards all around but the place is always half messy! Makes me want to tidy up this weekend. Have a good one too! Ciao cat

    • Beate a te! I wish I had a little yard. One day I will have at least a terrace. While I must live in a city, I also need some greenery in my life.

  2. I have been buying it faithfully for sofagirl and sending it to her (mighty glad they have a digital edition now). She thinks it’s worth the money. I like it too but I do get a bit overwhelmed by all the information.

    • She does? Maybe I should check out the digital edition. I do prefer holding non digital magazines. We’ll see.

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