Photos From My Trastevere Terrace Project

My client travels frequently overseas for work but, like most of the native Romans I know, he enjoys hosting aperitivi and dinner parties when he’s in town.

He saw the work I did for another client and asked me to take a look at his terrace.

We wanted to make the space flow better, redo the landscaping, and buy new furniture to add to some of the pieces he already owned.

I think it’s important for the outdoor areas and indoor areas to be cohesive.  I kept my client’s interior spaces in mind as I looked for furniture.  My landscaper and I had a long conversation regarding which plants would work best for the terrace.

I wrote about photographer Gina Gomez (aka Warm Pears) on my former blog three years ago.  Earlier this year, we discussed collaborating on something.

The terrace was that perfect something.

Below are a few pictures from the shoot.


Furniture: UNOPIU’

Lantern: Flamant

Centerpiece: Bloemen Florist – Via Terenzio, 37 (zona Prati), Rome, +39 06 6892901

  1. Every time I think I could never live without the huge, time-consuming back-breaking garden that I have surrounding my rundown, far-from-spotless house… and then I see a beautiful terrace in a big bustling city like this… I sit there thinking, Hmmm… I could see myself there.

    Great shots!

    • Thank you!

      There are so many things on my wish list for my next apartment (more space, A/C, an elevator, etc. etc.) A terrace wasn’t on the must have but something that would be nice. After working on my third project with a terrace, I’m thinking of moving it into the must have side of my list.

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