Life In Rome – Interview And Photo Shoot with Gina Gomez

I do not like having my photo taken.  Correction, I’m game when I’m in a group shot.

It’s not just because the camera adds ten to fifteen pounds.  It’s because I feel like a big dork standing there while the photographer snaps.

Thanks to social media, I had to get over my discomfort.  That said, I still get salty when unflattering photos are tagged on Facebook.  What the what?  Does the tagger need new glasses?  Good friends don’t let folks tag bad photos.

Gina wanted to take a few head shots during our terrace photo shoot.  I was sweaty and wiped out. So even though Gina is a talented photographer I thought, “no good can come of this.”

She convinced me to at least try a few.   I did and this is what happened:

terrace_062I  did a brief interview with Gina and she has posted more photos from the shoot on her blog.

To see more of Gina’s gorgeous work, please visit her website here.

  1. “no good can come of this.” haha!! i love when i leave people feeling good about themselves. yay!

  2. aaciil said:

    Love, love, love it!

  3. This is a gorgeous photo! Lovely lighting provided by Roma !

  4. Jocelyn (aka Ms. ATL) said:

    Lovely photo. You are workin’ it. What’s next? Essence mag? Italian Vogue? The sky is the limit. Very nice.

  5. Paola said:

    I love this. It’s natural, it’s fun, it’s cool, it’s sexy. All with that beautiful glow.

  6. weconnectedprod said:

    Very nice. Lovely smile!!

  7. LaKaye said:

    Gorgeous photo! You should take pictures more often! (I’m saying this to myself too, I HATE getting my pics taken! LOL)

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