“Ornament, ornament, ornament!”

My sister, Daniella, is ten years younger than me and six years younger than our brother, Gerry.   We were old enough to remember the day our parents walked into the house with a new baby.  She had fine pair of lungs.

Later that night, my ten year-old self was annoyed.  Sure Daniella was an adorable baby and everything but hello, I had school in the morning.  I couldn’t sleep with all that noise.  I may have said something to my mom who gave me the classic Caribbean mother “you better stop with your nonsense” face.  I stopped.

I was in high school when Daniella started kindergarten.  Laning Avenue Elementary School had a Santa’s Workshop where kids could buy Christmas gifts for their family and friends.

Gerry and I would take our gifts from under the tree, unwrap them and say loudly, “ornament, ornament, ornament!” as every year from kindergarten to fifth grade that is what Daniella gave us.  My parents still have those ornaments.

I think it started with Gerry, who said, “oh look, it’s another ornament. Ornament, ornament, ornament!” I have no idea why we found this hysterically funny.

Years later during the first Christmas day we spent with my future sister-in-law and brother-in-law, I busted out with the ornament thing (it really was an ornament) and my siblings and I lost it.  My in-laws to be glanced at each other, “what’s wrong with these folks?”

I don’t have room in my apartment for even a Charlie Brown tree, but I could buy an ornament or two.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

Reindeer!  Love the scarves. Very snazzy.

jumping-jack-reindeer-ornaments-1Crate & Barrel

A classic bullicante glass ball ornament from Tiffany & Co for those with more champagne tastes.

Tiffany & CoTiffany & Co.

I don’t like mice at all but how charming are these ballerinas at Dédé Maison, one of my favorite stores in Rome.

dedeornamentDéDé Maison: Photos by me

Great matte finish on this silver ornament.

28ct-matte-fish-silver-glass-ball-christmas-ornaments-2-50mm-Linen n Things

Here are more mice with exceptional artistic abilities.

dedeDéDé Maison

  1. I love that family story. Inside jokes like that in families are priceless. Thanks for sharing! Will Daniella give you an ornament this year too??

    • Thanks for reading!

      It’s been a while since Daniella has given me an ornament. I think our nephews will pick up the tradition.

  2. Gillian said:

    What a lovely read! We collect ornaments from every place we visit. Our tree is a Charlie Brown hodgepodge of years of adventures.

  3. dgibber123 said:

    I used to get so mad at you guys. Hello, I was 8. You weren’t going to get anything more fancy than an ornament! lol.

  4. Oh god, I never laugh harder than when I am with my sister. And it;s always in reference to something that no one else understands. They always think we are insane.

    • At one point (after I left for college) my sister and brother had their own language going on. I did not think it was funny. This is why I can empathize with my in-laws when we are all together.

      • dgibber123 said:

        That is true. Like swicky mcblicky.

  5. the scarves are so beautiful and lovely. I want those in my place….love love love ✭✭✭
    Have a fabulous week

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