Weekend Inspiration – Driven to Tears – Robert Downey, Jr and Sting

In the States we tend to define ourselves by what we do for a living.  Therefore, working in any creative field is not easy.  There’s the whole art vs business debate, the struggle to actually make a living, and the fact that most people have no idea what it is you do day-to-day.

I sometimes buy into this, feeling unanchored because I cannot be put into a specific category.   The last time I was in Los Angeles, I was speaking with a friend who’s an agent at CAA.  He  told me that I was over-thinking everything.  I could decorate and write.  I didn’t have to choose one over the other.

My brain couldn’t process this.  How could I BE two things at the same time?!

Thankfully, several of my very talented friends reminded me that creative people are creative.  Basta.   If you’re a truly creative person, you will not be fulfilled unless you are able to do the work that inspires you. It doesn’t matter what the medium is.  They also told me to stop confusing what we do with who we are.

Robert Downey Jr acts.  He also sings… well.  This confuses some people.  I don’t know why.  This is not a Paris Hilton “Stars Are Blind” situation.

Here he is singing one of my favorite Police songs.   I love his little dance move at the end.  I do that too but in the privacy of my own home.

Buon weekend!

  1. debramchase said:

    I love your blog! I read it every week. This one is great–the clip of downey and sting an unknown gem! Yes, artists must create.

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    • Thank you, Debra!

      I wonder if this version of the song is on iTunes. Off to check.


  2. Two of my favourite artists together (I used to work with one of them). Had never seen this before. Cute!

  3. Wow! As someone who has always been divided between image and words (I chose words!) this argument is very relevant. You can do both – and you even MUST in order to have balance within – but I found I had to go deeper with one because there are only so many sacrifices you can make in one lifetime!
    Great video !

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