Weekend Inspiration – Happy – Pharrell Williams

Yesterday the UN, and people all over the world, celebrated International Day of Happiness.

Given all the horrible things happening here on planet Earth, it would be very easy to shrug and think there’s nothing to be happy about.

Sometimes when I’m in a very good mood, I get a little freaked out.  Why am I in a good mood?  I should be cynical, depressed, and anxious.   It’s as if I have no right to be happy.   I meet a lot of expats in Rome.  Many are not happy and are suspicious of those who are.  Being happy is not “keeping it real.”  We end up fueling each others’ fire.

One of my dear friends said I should avoid miserable people.  Why get sucked into their constant negativity and pessimism?   True, we all have bad days, weeks, even months, but as I get older I find I have less patience for people who complain ALL the time but never do anything to change/improve their situation.

I tend to worry a lot, mostly about my future.  How will I pay my bills?  Will my business continue to grow?  Will I ever be fluent in Italian? Why is Drake so popular?   I lie awake at night and dwell on things I have no control over.  This is not healthy and I’m working on it.

When I’m happy it’s not because anything has really changed.  I still have the same bills, worries, and issues.  However, sometimes I do remember that I am extremely fortunate in ways that cannot be measured in dollars or euros.

It won’t be easy but I’m going to try my best to do the opposite of what I normally do, which is to worry and complain.

Another friend proclaimed that this was going to be a great year.  Based on what?  Nothing.  She believes it and therefore is going to do everything in her power to make it so.

I like the why she thinks.

Buon weekend!

(I adore this video.  I have to restrain myself from dancing when I hear this song while jogging.)

  1. I know a lot of happy, optimistic people you can hang out with! :)

  2. tracie p said:

    Be happy! I like your attitude :) our demons (insecurity, pessimism, cynicism, etc) don’t care what beautiful corner of the world we live in. It’s up to us to banish them, at least most of the time. This song is happy-making magic. I bought the digital album. There some (some) gems on there. My fave is hunter. It’s like 1979 prince and rapping Debbie Harry had a music baby.

    • Tracie P. I’m really trying to change my attitude. It so true what you said about our demons following us to whatever country we live in. While I am much happier in Italy, I still have some work to do.

      I have to listen to the rest of the album. I’m a big Pharrell fan.

  3. Gillian said:

    Great advice from happy people. I LOVE that song.

    • I need to heed the advice from happy people and ignore the advice from the bitter, angry folks! x

  4. We are all trapped in the same vicious circle of worry over what hasn’t happened yet. Isn’t it silly? Maybe it’s a female gene we share! Watching the video of Happy always lifts my spirits and makes me want to dance!

    • Seriously, I don’t know why so many of us worry about things that haven’t happened yet! It’s bananas. Maybe we like to be prepared?

      I spin out fearing the worse and then what I feared would happen, doesn’t. I wasted all that energy. ha.

      Next time I must listen to this song.

  5. Liz said:

    Be happy now! We have no control over the future, much less the next millisecond. Live, live, live… BE HAPPY, and ever so grateful for what you have now!!! It is so worth it! And when and if you do get down, start thanking the Man above, for your home, your life, your meal, your work, your friends, your family, your health, the fact that you are running in a park in Italy, etc. See, so much to be HAPPY and thankful for! Can I get an “Amen”

    • Preach!!

      Yes, we should try to be more in the moment and stop stressing about the future. The time I spend obsessing, I’m missing out on everything that is happening now.

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