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All over my neighborhood are signs like this:

siamoferieBefore I was on Hollywood’s schedule, so August was a busy time for me.  While all my friends and neighbors fled the August heat and tourists, I stayed behind in Rome writing and pitching TV projects.

Now I’m on a local schedule and it’s a trip.   Last week I was running around town making sure to touch base with my vendors before they closed up shop for the month.

There will be NO furniture deliveries in August.

September will be out of control.  Everything is being pushed to that month.

In the meantime, I’m going to use this period to catch up on office paperwork. I also need to find more space in my tiny apartment for all the new books I have.  I’m literally running out of room.

One friend (who just left town for the rest of the month) suggested I see a few movies.  Then we started laughing because most of the movie theaters are closed too.










Recently I re-read “Rose Cumming: Design Inspirations.”

This book, about one of the pioneers of a  “new” field called interior design, was a gift from my friend Erica for my birthday last year.

The following quote from Ms. Cumming jumped out at me:  “I feel that upon entering a house one should at once be made conscious of the dominate note pervading its scheme of decoration.”

I was just speaking with a friend regarding how sometimes hallways are neglected spaces.

I agree with Ms. Cumming.  A hallway shouldn’t be a dumping ground for keys, shoes, etc.

If you live in a small space you could create a hallway that’s functional and stylish.

Here are three fab hallways:

Designed by Darryl Carter.

Designed by Darryl Carter.

Photo: Veranda

How gorgeous is this staircase?  I love the contrast of the very dark wood with the white paint.

Rita Konig's Hallway Kitchen

Rita Konig’s Hallway Kitchen

Photo: The Kitchn

Designer Rita Konig’s kitchen is a perfect example of a hallway serving more than one purpose.

Designed by Kathryn M. Ireland

Designed by Kathryn M. Ireland

Photo: Remodelista

A hallway is a great space to showcase art.

Felicia and I met a few years ago through a friend in NYC.   She’s wicked smart, funny, and has a killer sense of style.  Along with being a ridiculously talented writer, Felicia is also a gifted photographer, baker, and cook.

Felicia recently left her high-powered/profile job and is traveling in Italy and France for three weeks.  It’s not easy to walk away from something that looks great on paper (especially in this economy).  It takes a certain kind of fearlessness to step toward the unknown.

I love her blog. The way Felicia writes about life, love, food, etc. is extraordinary.

I just read her Florence dispatch and I all I have to say is, “I need to book a train ticket pronto.”  I hope her writing and her photos will inspire you.

Buon Weekend!


Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, has edited a book about his famous mother.

“Audrey In Rome” has over two hundred photographs, many of them never published before, taken during the time Ms. Hepburn lived in the Eternal City.

Ms. Hepburn was a resident in Rome for over twenty years after marrying, Dr. Andrea Dotti, an Italian psychiatrist.

I cannot wait to buy this book filled with photos of Rome and of fashion from the ’50s to the ’70s.   The release date is April 16th.

Hope you have a stylish and fantastic weekend.

Book Cover: Audrey In Rome

Book Cover: Audrey In Rome

Mamma mia, what a week.  It’s been non-stop since the Italian holiday season officially ended last Sunday with the Befana.

There was a lot of running around picking out fabrics, butchering the Italian language when I met with the drapes/sofa maker, writing budgets, and following up on a million things that were put on hold before the holidays.

My siblings and in-laws asked me what I wanted for Christmas.   I have a bunch of design books on my wish list.  The first batch of the books arrived last week (thanks fam!).  I cannot wait to dig in.

This is my kind of homework.

This is my kind of homework.

Now I just have to find the time to sit back with a ice-filled glass of Coke, some San Carlo Rustica chips and start reading.

I do have a laptop, a phone, and other modern electronics, but I love putting pen to paper.

For a while I tried to keep a To-Do-List on my computer.  However, for some reason, I kept going back to using legal pads to make my long lists.  It made no sense to have two lists going.  I had to get organized.

Moleskin Daily Planner

Finally, a few weeks ago I bought a Moleskine Planner.

I’m a big Moleskine fan.

Moleskine Daily Planner

This one book has helped me so much.  I like being able to physically cross things off my list as I complete them.

Design-wise, I adore the stylish simplicity.  These well crafted books are made without distracting bells and whistles.

Are you old-school too or a computer only type of list maker?

Summers in France

Summers In France is a fabulous read.

Along with photos of gorgeous interiors, there are recipes, tips on how to be a gracious hostess and guest, and information about the amazing markets near Ms. Ireland’s summer home in the Tarn-et-Garonne region of Southwestern France.

I really appreciated the before and after photos.   Ms. Ireland has taken a rundown farm house and turned it into a wonderful home.

If you’ve seen Ms. Ireland on the show “Million Dollar Decorators”, you know she has a very vivacious personality.  This comes through in the book.  It’s clear she loves to entertain and to make her guests feel at home.

The house is beautifully decorated but there is nothing stuffy about it.  It’s not easy to pull off the combo of comfortable yet chic.  I’ve flagged quite a few pages in this book.

Sigh,  I cannot wait until I can have my own home in the countryside.

Victoria Hagan is one of the most respected interior designers in America.  Since founding her firm 20 years ago, Ms. Hagan has built a reputation for designing classic yet modern spaces.

Victoria Hagan Interior Portraits
All photos:


I love her work and couldn’t wait to read her book.

I highly recommend it.

Ms. Hagan’s book showcases three portfolios, Waterside, City, and Country.  Of course, I was drawn immediately to the Waterside chapters.  Speechless.

Gorgeous living room in Nantucket

I think “Stylish Simplicity” when I study Ms. Hagan’s work.  Her use of strong silhouettes and interesting textures is inspiring.  I also like how she mixes pieces from different eras, yet the spaces are cohesive.

These homes look like places people actually live in, not like a showroom or a museum.

Columbus Circle, New York City.


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