Anatomy Of A Bespoke Suit – A Trip To A Sartoria

12 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Bespoke Suit – A Trip To A Sartoria”

  1. This is very cool. Informative! Someday, I’d love to have a suit made…but I think I’d want to lose some weight first 🙂

  2. HI Arlene,

    Perchance, did you make a cameo appearance on House Hunters International about a couple (her, a travel writer, him, an archaeologist, with 2 daughters) looking for an apartment in Rome?


  3. This is so cool. I love the pictures. As with so many things here in Rome, word of mouth is generally the best way to go. I am really excited to see the finished product; I hope you’ll post some pictures of Coach in his bespoke suit! Kudos to you on your new venture. I think there could be a nice niche market for English-speaking visitors who’d like to do something special like this but don’t know who to ask. I think a decent suit for a man is a great investment. These kind of suits will stand the test of time for quality and fit.

  4. Shel has a good point. I bet there are some more well-heeled tourists who would like to get a genuine italian suit made. I’m thinking of when our brother went to China and had all those suits made…

    1. It depends on how long the tourist will be in Italy. These suits take a while to make and they would need to be here for fittings. But there are some stores/Sartos that will fly abroad for fittings.

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