Million Dollar Decorators Airs In Italy

8 thoughts on “Million Dollar Decorators Airs In Italy”

    1. Deannamarie, it might be in re-runs on the BRAVO cable channel. It’s an American show that premiere on BRAVO late last year.

      Also, check Bravo’s website. Since you live in the States you would be able to see any episodes they have put online.

  1. Wow. You were totally correct. The eps are the Website. I don’t remember ever seeing promos for this show. Thx! Also, are you going to share photos of your decor work?

  2. Oh yes! This show. I learned a lot more about handling clients and how important it is to have a great team behind you. Even if you’re not at that level yet, every detail must be attended to with a surgeon’s precision. Beyond the over the top comments and behavior, it’s a good show for learning about the business-side of decorating. I attend and work with Maison et Objet here in Paris and I love meeting new designers, companies, learning about trends: Opportunities for growth. Congratulations on attending your first Salone in Milan! Ciao!

    1. Grazie. I agree with you. While these designers work with very high budgets, there is a lot to learn from the show.

      On one episode Mary McDonald passed on a job with a 1-1.5 million dollar budget because she knew in her gut that she and the client had completely different aesthetics. Some other designers would have taken the gig in order to get paid, but what would the home look like? It’s hard to be creative when you hate what you’re working on.

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