Flashback: Françoise Hardy – Le Temps De L’Amour

12 thoughts on “Flashback: Françoise Hardy – Le Temps De L’Amour”

  1. Great song! I just watched the trailer, wow what a cast! And, sorry but that kid at the very end playing the board game, the one on the right, I swear that’s my son. What the heck? When did he get into a Wes Anderson movie? 😉

  2. Love love love all of the soundtracks to Wes Anderson’s films – almost more than the movies themselves!!

  3. I would’ve killed for my parents to have Françoise Hardy CDs–i was stuck with the BeeGees, Elvis and Crystal Gayle!!! Love this song and cannot wait to see the movie.

  4. Crystal “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” Gayle?!

    I love the BeeGees. I appreciated Elvis’s talent but I don’t own a single CD or song of his.

    I hope his movie opens here in original language.

  5. Like this song, I now have new obsession, thanks to you. This will be my summer music

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