Buon Weekend – Il Rientro

5 thoughts on “Buon Weekend – Il Rientro”

  1. I heard this song at Eurpean cup, this year. It does feel like summer jamming this song.

    Arlene, I do have a question about Rome in December. I would like to rent a place for 6 Weeks. What advice can you give me. I have been in the summer but never in winter season. What will I do for heat? Do many places close for the season? How to find a comfortable rental that’s affordable?

  2. Most apartments will have heat. If for some reason they don’t, there will be an electric heater.

    A few places might close the week between Christmas and New Years but it’s nothing like what happens during August.

    Rental/hotel prices are lower in early December but Christmas week is a very popular time for tourists because of Rome/Vatican City is the home of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Check Trip Advisor.com and Slowtrav.com for rentals.

  3. haven’t heard that song! prima di andare via (neffa) will always remind me of my first summer in italy, back in 2003. and please, DO NOT spend hot ass august in rome again 😉

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