Stylish Simplicity – Moleskine Daily Planner

4 thoughts on “Stylish Simplicity – Moleskine Daily Planner”

  1. In theory I love moleskins and spent years filling them up. But in the end, most work – I mean writing – has to be printed up so I started working directly onto a screen. I never thought I would get used to it! Now I live on the screen and my hands seem to cramp if I write too long. Such a big change.

    1. 95% of what I write (scripts, short stories, blog posts, novels) is on a computer. I need a break.

      This one reason I still prefer holding magazines and books in my hand instead of reading of e-books and magazines on a screen.

      That said, my hand cramps too if I write for a while in my journal.

  2. I am old school, I find the pen wonderful. To me hand written letters, notes have character, while typing is so ordinary and plain.
    I would love to receive hand written letters, I miss them so

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