Get Your Interior Design On – The Kathryn M. Ireland Bootcamp Experience

5 thoughts on “Get Your Interior Design On – The Kathryn M. Ireland Bootcamp Experience”

  1. It’s interesting you mention that some had degrees and others not. In your experience, do you need a degree in design to be suggessful in this industry. Especially to the levels of the MDDs?

    Thanks for your input!

    1. You will hear many different opinions about this. It’s why some people get very upset when people without degrees are called Interior Designers instead of Decorators. Then again, some designers with architecture degrees call themselves decorators!

      Mary McDonald went to one of the top design schools in the country, while Martyn Bullard Lawrence was a former actor.

      Sister Parish didn’t go to college. Albert Hadley studied design. Darryl Carter was a lawyer.

      As with all creative endeavors, a degree alone will not guarantee success. A degree cannot teach you to “have a good eye”. However, there are fundamental things successful designers/decorators know and they to make it their business to learn them.

      Even if you do get a degree, your first few clients will be friends and family (or friends of friends and family). No one going to hire some random person out of school that they don’t know to decorate their home or business.

      That said, in order to become a member of ASID you must have a degree from an accredited program.

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