Thinking About Orange.

9 thoughts on “Thinking About Orange.”

  1. You always get me lusting after Repettos. When I used to do ballet, I had a pair of Repetto pointe shoes. They are exquisite. I would love to have a pair of their ballerina flats.

    1. While American stapes like say, peanut butter, cost an arm and a leg here, we do pay better prices for items from EU companies. Repettos are so much more expensive in the States!

  2. Oh yes orange does make me think (yearning!) of Hermès. I don’t think I’ve worn orange for a long time, except for one pink and orange slinky thing which requires an occasion. I did once possess an orange handbag though. And my favourite spring bedsheets are much like your lovely cushion above. Now you’ve got me thinking in orange!

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