Weekend Inspiration – Get Lucky

8 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration – Get Lucky”

  1. love the song, the album is pretty sweet too. i tend to like EVERYTHING pharell (and prev the netunes) is involved with. i saw him outside the four seasons in austin a few years back, he’s a small guy!

    i loved his work with kelis way back when too, and JT’s senorita still makes my butt wiggle. and blurred lines is mine and georgia’s jam of the summer for sure. she’s too young to understand the lyrics…that’s how i justify it.

    seems that wnything with a disco vibe always finds its way to the top. i’ll never forget how neffa’s “prima di andare via” blew up my first summer (2003) in italy! good stuff. check out daft punk’s “moroeder.” it’s a great song with an interview with giorgo moroeder dubbed over it.

    have FUN in sicily! there is nothing i would like better than to float my pregnant butt in the sea!

    1. I have to check out the album.

      Remember that Kelis song, “Caught Out There”? I think that was the first time I heard of the Neptunes. I saw Pharell once at Barney’s in L.A. having lunch. I was so excited and the agent I was with didn’t even know who he was. I couldn’t take that agent seriously anymore. Dude, worked in entertainment. Come on.

      I don’t know this Neffa song. Off to find it.

      Giorgio Moroeder! I haven’t heard that name in ages.

      This my first time in Sicily. No words. I will be back.

      1. yes of course! LOVED that song, and the video with all of the protesting women 🙂 as for neffa, “come mai” was his 2nd disco hit from that album. it released in the fall of 2003, also a good one, almost like it better than “prima di andare via.”

        lmk what you think!

      2. I think Kelis and a Mya (with Buju I think?) song were the first time I heard of the Neptunes. Love them.

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