The Tuscany Project

38 thoughts on “The Tuscany Project”

  1. All I can say is WOW. Congrats on a fantastic job Arlene. You should be so proud of the amazing work done here. Every picture is more beautiful than the next. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there!!

  2. Beautiful – well done! I love the color in that living room and *so* want that bathtub! Looking at the rubble that became a bathroom – that looks like the adjacent stall we’ll someday turn into some kind of living space. When we do, want a road trip to Basilicata? 😉

  3. really really beautiful!! wow! i love the modern take on rustic minimalism in the bedrooms. of course, i know nothing of design, but that’s how it strikes me. i also love the mirrors in the bathrooms, they look like picture frames. what about the kitchen?

    great work!! congrats, i hope you are very very proud of yourself!

  4. I don’t know that I would get out of the tub facing that window. And I swear the wider shot of the living room made every knot in my shoulders release… Very “relaxed chic.”

  5. Absolutely stunning work. I have a much more rustic medieval town house. Wondering about how you budget. Any hints?

    1. Thank you, Joanna.

      Regarding budgeting, it depends on the project. If it’s a small one, for example just one room or a terrace, we might decide on an hourly rate. For larger projects, it’s a percentage of the budget. I don’t do the standard 35% – 40% markup.

      All designer discounts are passed on to my client and they pay the vendor directly. It’s more transparent. Even if my company were based in the US, I would do it this way instead of a fee PLUS markup.

  6. Well Arlene, you left me speechless. And you are so right about the colour in that room with little natural light. I would have goen for white but THAT is great! You rocked it all!

  7. It’s fabulous. What I like the most is that it retained its traditional heritage while bringing in a fresh, contemporary feel. Really excellent. My favorite pictures are the before and after of the bathroom! haha. I hope this catapults you into lots of new projects and and exciting future!!! You so deserve it.

  8. Beautiful! I looked on the Abercrombie website but couldn’t tell which villa it is. Do you know the name and region?

  9. Arlene — that is just crazy that you achieved all that beauty!!!! What a transition you have made. Your talent (and hard work) shines through. Congratulations to you and I hope to see many more dream projects from you!!

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