Stylish Simplicity – Eres Bikini (and a short rant)

2 thoughts on “Stylish Simplicity – Eres Bikini (and a short rant)”

  1. Wow! This is practically the same for me. I, too, didn’t start wearing a bikini until I came to Rome. I remember my ex- boyfriend’s mom practically making me feel so juvenile and out of place in my one piece. However, after reading this post, I’ve realized that maybe her intention was NOT for me to feel juvenile or foreign, but instead I think she wanted me to feel confident with every inch that my bikini revealed. Thanks for the enlightenment Arlene. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Thanks Shania for reading!

      It takes a long time to undo years of “programming”. I really was one of those women who thought bikinis were only for women with “bikini ready” bodies. What the heck does that even mean?

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