Progetti da Sogno (aka, American Dream Builders)

3 thoughts on “Progetti da Sogno (aka, American Dream Builders)”

  1. The problem that I have with these shows is they almost never discuss garage space and storage buildings. If i were young and starting over, I’d be looking for a hose with a garage where I could put in a lift to work on my cars. Also, an out building for storing cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. And a workshop for woodworkers. Never see these questions asked or advertised.

  2. On this show they do address storage issues. It’s one reason I like it. It not just about the look of the house but how it functions.

    Last night they worked on cabin houses. This one designer covered up one of the windows in her room! It had the best view and the only reason why she did it, is because she wanted to put the bed in the center of the wall. She’s lucky her team won or she would have been sent home. That was an example of someone not thinking about how the room would be used, only about the way it looked.

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