Life in Rome – The Flaminio Flea Market

8 thoughts on “Life in Rome – The Flaminio Flea Market”

  1. Wow. Thanks for this! Next time I’m in Rome.. This looks like a really trippy market. That bag! I bought the BEST Afghan coat from a vintage market in Florence..

  2. I love Flaminio too, have bought some brilliant things there over the years…old green glass pitchers from Capri, vintage bags, a 60’s italian fan which even works….. might even see you there this sunday!

  3. I’m visiting Rome in July! I’m so excited to find your blog! Now I have something else on the to-do list. What is the price point for this market? Is haggling a part of the experience? Thanks so much.

    1. Hard core haggling, no. Some discussion about prices for non-designer goods is possible.

      Prices range. A couple hundred euros for high-end bags/scarves/silver. For thinks like vintage post-cards, pretty cheap. This market is located in a wealthy neighborhood.

      Porto Portese is where you will find more bargains.

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