A Tub and Shower With a View

6 thoughts on “A Tub and Shower With a View”

  1. I have been fantasizing about an outdoor shower for years (or since I used sofagirl’s in Cape Town). Now, an outside tub was beyond my imagination. Something else to lust after.

      1. Meant to tell you that I saw an article yesterday on the popularity of the Gomorrah tv show in Italy. I am hoping it will make it over here. Have you been watching it?

  2. Yes. I’ve been watching it and I’m very happy to see how well it’s doing critically and commercially. Italian TV (thanks Berlusconi) has an awful reputation when it comes to production value/quality. While the subject matter is troubling, I hope the success of this series will lead to more excellence and less Veline crap.

    I’m going to buy the box set DVD so I can re-watch with English subtitles. There were certain nuances I couldn’t follow. It’s incredible that this series is based on real events. Frightening.

    The Weinstein Company bought the USA rights. I think the original version will air on on at least iTunes if not TV. There is talk of remaking it for an American audience.

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