Life in Rome – A Taste (just a taste) of Spring

14 thoughts on “Life in Rome – A Taste (just a taste) of Spring”

  1. Weather wise Rome is way ahead of Southern New England. We still have five foot tall piles of snow in our yards and lawns covered with snow. Your pictures are beautiful. I can taste the fresh fruit and vegetables from here. Also, the delicious looking pastries..

  2. The other morning, of course it was raining (need I even say that?) I walked past Chiesa Nuova and low and behold a tree was in bud – it made me so happy I almost skipped around. And then a car splashed water on me and I stopped skipping… haha. Here’s to an EARLY spring!

      1. You do. Have someone show you. Cleaning and paring them can be tricky. Or just walk over to the ghetto and sit down anywhere and order carciofi alla giudea!

  3. Wow, this is very appetizing! I love fresh strawberries and that from the Testaccio Farmers Market are among the sweetest and the most mouthwatering strawberries I have ever tasted. Great photos!

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