Life in Rome – Chez Dédé Opening Party

8 thoughts on “Life in Rome – Chez Dédé Opening Party”

  1. I want one! Just went online. Which do u think are the cutest?? M or L??

    This is why I love your blog!!


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    1. I like the large Salina, Portofino, Kenya, etc. ones. My friend Courtney has one of their large bags and it’s beautiful.

      My favorite medium-sized ones are the Les Bains. Perhaps one of those will be a Christmas gift to myself. x

  2. Hello! I searched everywhere on instagram and YouTube to see someone who has bought the bag and am so glad you documented it! It’s been a few years since posting this no…? How is the bag holding up? I adore Andrea’s work and am one day looking forward to going into the shop, but for now, I will settle and buy one of the totes online!

    Looking forward to hearing from you! Grazie mille

    1. The bag is holding up well BUT I hardly used it last year because the pandemic. I was stuck out of the country. Some of the lettereing isn’t holding up as well but the bag itself is fantastic. Just check to see what process is used for your particular tote.

      Several friends have bought their totes and are very happy. I have my eye on the Lago di Como one!

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