Life in Rome – This Time I am Ready for Ferragosto

15 thoughts on “Life in Rome – This Time I am Ready for Ferragosto”

  1. Sounds like life is on the up and up since the last we talked. I am so happy you finding your stride. The Garden Gun mag is hilarious and the thing the Ben & Jen tragic but expected. The nanny? Didn’t know, I was too busy escaping social media these last few weeks. Ha. Glad you had a fun, yet productive week in the Americas.

    1. I made some major changes late last year and earlier this year. What a difference. Not sure if I will write about it or not. We’ll see.

      The nanny situation (if it’s true) is so cliché. My favorite rumor was that Bennifer 1 was going to reunite. ahahah.

  2. Yes, traffic in Los Angeles has reached abysmal proportions. JCrew is having an identitiy crisis. And Restoration Hardware in WH is the oddest store. Can you picture anyone actually shopping there? And why do they keep on sending me their 1,000 page catalogue whose use can only be as a doorstopper?

    1. J. Crew’s quality has gone down while their prices go up. That is a problem.

      I can’t RH is still sending out that mega catalog after all the negative feedback they received from the first 1000 page one.

      I went to the store with a client and we were really turned off.

  3. My addiction to Target is what keeps me locked to the States. You left just in time; now all of the talk is of Kim Kardashian’s naked pregnant selfie…Portion size and quality control – things that contribute to the obesity problem here. What is this magic August 15th that you speak of?

    1. Ha! I read all about Kim’s naked selfie. Apparently her momanger told her she had to do it to shoot down the rumors that she was using a surrogate.

      August 15th is technically a Catholic holiday celebrating the Assumption of Mary. It’s also when the country pretty much goes on vacation. Many places (if they don’t cater to tourists) shut down for the entire month. This is through out Europe.

      A few years ago they passed a law saying if you had a certain amount of employees or were listed on the Stock Exchange you had to have someone in the office.

  4. Hi there! Long time reader, first time commenter- Another African-Americana who arrived to ROME a month ago for work, and I am sweating as I type. Happy to hear this heat wave is just a fluke; I barely had a chance to walk around my new neighborhood (at least not before 6 in the evening!) over the last month, all I could do was walk home and collapse on my bed in the AC…ah well, I suppose the Colosseum and Villa Borghese can wait until October! Meanwhile I am enjoying having an excuse to frequent my two favorite gelaterias: Come il Latte and Fatamorgana..effectively squashing my long held obsession with Breyer’s Rocky Road ice cream…can’t hold a candle to some of the flavors I have tried here!

    You posted about a beach called Sperlonga? Sounds great for a weekend trip- how long did it take to get there? I don’t have a car so I am all about taking the train or bus if I can. Any ideas on where to go for a great lunch there? Looking forward to my first weekend trip to the beach in Italy.

    1. Hello, Georgette. Welcome to Rome! Yes, this was the hottest summer on record for Europe. So glad the weather is going to cool off tomorrow.

      It takes an hour by train to get to the Fondi station. Here is more specific info: It’s from 2008 so the prices may have changed.

      This post has a link to the restaurant we went to. It wasn’t very crowded. Our food was good. We were happy.

      Buon viaggio!!

  5. Reading this three months after the fact and missing you all over again (so sorry I didn’t get to see you while you were here)! You had me laughing so much about Restoration Hardware. I think of it as porn. You go there just to luxuriate in the RH-ness of it all with nary a thought about how all that would fit in your own, normal-sized house. As for Miami, that is one of my favorite cities. There are so many great hotel options, but the last time I was there I stayed off the beaten path in a Hilton in North Beach (just up from South Beach) and it was unbelievably wonderful — had a foodie restaurant that was part of their big restaurant week, a private beach (!!!!), two ocean-facing pools and an ocean facing bar/restaurant, and very nice, modern decor.

    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing your Roman perspective on the U.S. So funny and so refreshing. It’s going to spin how I see and live my life.

  6. Hi , I follow your blog for a long time and enjoy it very much. Live in OC California and RH is very desired place to buy furniture. I would like to buy a nice black dining table that would be placed in the family room. We have conterporery kitchen and it’s open concept.
    Thank you for any suggestion.
    Love Rome , you are very lucky to make that beautiful place your home.

    1. Hello Jana,
      Thanks for reading. I don’t know your budget range but I would check out Room & Board, and One Kings Lane for lower to mid-priced tables and Serena & Lilly, B&B Italia, Tonelli, for higher end or have it made by a local carpenter.

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