Work in Progress – My Foyer

5 thoughts on “Work in Progress – My Foyer”

  1. I love that shade of grey with a tinge of blue. I wish I could go bolder. I started with one of the bedrooms. My problem is that, downstairs, there are no doors, and the rooms flow naturally from one to the next with some arches here and there. I just can’t pick which walls I could do. Or even what rooms without the whole place feeling disjointed. So I just leave the off white there was already there to begin with.

    1. I see! That would be difficult. That said, I think a bedroom is the perfect place to go bolder as it’s a private area of your home.

      I know one is “supposed” to go from dark to light but I painted my bedroom a dark grey. It’s off a hallway that is light grey. It works anyway because it’s the last room, it’s small, and it doesn’t receive much light.

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