Project Via Monserrato – Reveal

13 thoughts on “Project Via Monserrato – Reveal”

  1. Remarkable, exceptional and beautiful. The before and after photos say it all. The work of Arlene Gibbs is of the highest quality. If you are looking to renovate or renew, she is definitely someone to contact for her expertise, skill and exquisite taste. Love, love, love. Courtney

  2. Dear Arlene, The photos look great! You did a beautiful job. I am enjoying seeing your new apt and the blue walls. ..very daring. I have been thinking for years of painting a garden room ceiling in FB Drawing Room Blue but I don’t have the nerve.

    How do you like the new neighborhood? Did you find a local Bar Peru?

    In case you do not remember me I met you when you were hanging the new curtains. I had been reading your blog and was so surprised to meet you. We have the NJ and Netherlands Antilles connection.

    Still enjoying your blog, I hope you keep posting.

    Kathy Farrell Weinroth

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    1. Buon giorno, Kathy

      So lovely to hear from you and thank you for the kind words. Of course I remember you. I’m actually taking Italian classes with your former teacher.

      I LOVE my new neighborhood. The first three months I lived here I was mostly in the Center for work. Now I’m getting to know it a little better. I have found my new Peru. Unfortunately, it’s closed on Sundays.

      I hope to see you and your husband on Monserrato soon.


  3. Naphtali she’s in Parioli. She’s great but our lessons are not structured at all. We don’t focus on grammar, as I’m at the intermediate-advanced level. This is what I need right now (for work) and I do extra grammar homework on my own.

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