St. Martin and Anguilla Pre Hurricane Irma

4 thoughts on “St. Martin and Anguilla Pre Hurricane Irma”

  1. I’m from the islands too, so I had a vested interest in researching relief efforts in the region after Irma. I’m annoyed. You have all these big stars who own property and continually vacation on these islands. Yet, not one of them seems to be helping. I’ve heard nothing about donations from anyone of them. No relief efforts or setting up GoFundMe campaigns. So far, I’ve only read about Richard Branson providing any kind of help. It’s disheartening.

  2. So so heartbreaking to see the images. I wonder how many consider them rich people’s playgrounds, forgetting the ones who live there, unseen by tourists, going about their daily lives. Here they are all fretting over Key West but the damage compared to the Caribbean islands doesn’t even compare. I hope your relative resurfaced in the meantime.

    1. And now Hurricane Maria is causing more devastation. Thank you, all of our relatives were accounted for but now we’re worried about an aunt who was evacuated from the SXM hospital to the bigger one in Guadeloupe. I’m looking forward to the end of this hurricane season.

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