I Used to Hate on Florence, Italy.

10 thoughts on “I Used to Hate on Florence, Italy.”

  1. Me too! I’ve been twice… once about 20 years ago, right after college and then 10 years ago for my honeymoon. Both times… meh. Just not my jam. Like you said… couldn’t get a read on the city. It was pretty. Had some great food. But just didn’t speak to me like Rome or Venice did.

    I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one that didn’t instantly fall in love with Florence. And that you love it now…

    1. I spent more time on the other side of the river this trip. I think that helped.

      I’ve only been to Venice once, years ago during Thanksgiving week. I flew all the way from Los Angeles (where I used to live before moving to Rome). It was love at first sight. Same with Rome and Naples.

  2. Do you think the waiters were nice because you spoke Italian? I spent 7 weeks in Italy a few summers ago. I had a different experience dining out in Florence. The waiters weren’t openly rude , but they weren’t welcoming either. I attributed it to the language barrier. I bet being fluent feels like having a super power. Lol Have you ever caught people talking about you in Italian?

    1. Hmm, good point. I don’t know. They seem to treat everyone the same.

      Ha! I have. Some dude was telling another guy he thought I had a great smile. At least he was saying something nice.

      I’m not fluent yet. I still get flustered when I have to suddenly switch from English to Italian. Takes me a minute to get warmed up. It’s so hard to learn a new language when you’re older.

  3. Thanks Arlene – I agree they should make Georgette (Girl in Florence) Mayor of Florence, am glad you stopped by &CO (Veronica rocks) and hope you’ll love Inkspired. Mine has also been a strange love story with Firenze, but you can shape it to fit more fluffily around you, especially being in the Oltrarno neighbourhood… hope to meet you on your next visit (in deepest winter, with no tourists and twinkly lights)…

  4. I lived in Florence for a year, while going to University. I didn’t love it. The constant chaos of tourists made living in the city center difficult (you know those narrow sidewalks). I have friends but I find Fiorentini (and toscani in general) to be pretty closed up. Beautiful but not a place where I would choose to live.

  5. I felt the same way as you did the first two times you visited Florence – just one big Disneyland. Until I discovered the Florence across the river, where the “locals” live. So cool to see young people hanging out in the piazzas who really lived there. Finally found good ice cream in Florence. Same thing with Rome – love Trastevere, across the Tiber. Oh – and you must return since the Uffizi Gallery has been updated this year and was fabulous!

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