The Design Files – Royal Wedding Dresses

4 thoughts on “The Design Files – Royal Wedding Dresses”

  1. I saw an exhibition of royal wedding dresses at the V&A in London a few years ago and it was so much fun! I agree with you : Princess Diana’s dress was a sartorial mistake. Both Catherine’s and Meghan’s were wonderful (and as much as I love Sarah Burton I might like Meghan’s dress more or, maybe, it’s more my style). It’s interesting to know that the custom of wearing white is pretty recent – late 1700s I believe.

    1. I agree with you. I really like Catherine’s dressed but Meghan’s is more my style too. I also feel like I have to defend her dress against all the people who said it was too plain!

      I understand the discussions about the fit of the dress but to say the dress was boring? Cannot agree. Like with Cacio e Pepe, the things that may appear simple are often the most difficult things to execute.

      I heard this criticism mostly from Americans. I’m sorry but a 36 year old woman getting married for the second time into THE Royal Family, doesn’t need a blinged out dress or a dumb princessy get up. I wonder, have they not seen Meghan’s style? She sticks to the classics but with a modern twist. This dress was so her and she looked very comfortable. Also, she’s gorgeous. She was wearing the dress not the other way around. The veil and tiara were spectacular. If her dress had a lot going on, we wouldn’t have noticed them as much.

      I have quite a few thoughts on this. 🙂

  2. The practice of wearing white goes back to Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding: she chose to wear white so she would stand out in the crowd – difficult at only 4′ 11″/ 1.52m.

    Royal wedding dresses have sleeves because the ceremony is always in a church where it is not only inappropriate to be sleeveless (strapless even worse) but because these stone buildings are cold!

    Be warned: there are many British churches where a bride will be made to cover-up if her dress is too revealing – most churches have an “emergency” garment for this purpose if brides arrive in a dress that is unseemly.

    1. Yes, same with church weddings here in Italy. Shoulders must be covered (even when just visiting). Some churches don’t enforce this rule but others are very strict about it.

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