La Biennale Venice – 2018

3 thoughts on “La Biennale Venice – 2018”

  1. You know I adore Venice. We rent an apartment in Dorsoduro, across from Giudecca and away from the crowds. Because of the stupid cruise ships, the crowds mainly converge on the same three or four sights but there are other areas of Venice that are quite empty (Castello for instance). I love jogging in Venice, running along the southside embankment, up and down the bridges but I quickly realized how hard those stones are and my back is not happy the following day! You should definitely go back and spend some time. There are small islands where you can bike, eat seafood on the beach, all away from the crowds.

    1. I’ve been to Burano and would love to check out some of the other small islands. Maybe I will be able to return in the late fall before the Biennale ends.

      Venice is truly special. I hear you about the hard stones. I have to take it easy during my workouts!

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