The Design Files – Ristorante Local, Venice

4 thoughts on “The Design Files – Ristorante Local, Venice”

  1. Love the look of this place and glad you wrote about it. I’ll be looking forward to visiting it for sure! . But I’d hesitate to open the post with a quote that is so polemical from a partisan political group. You can’t just say that only 1% of restaurants ‘around or in’ Piazza San Marco ( what exactly does that mean?) are owned by locals (also, what does that even mean? It is a thinly veiled racist accusation) and that only 1% serve non-frozen meals. That’s just not true.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comment. I got that statistic from the Gruppo and it was also in several reputable news articles.

      I wouldn’t even occur to me that this would be racist as many of the owners are Italians but don’t live in Venice.

      Is Gruppo very partisan? That I didn’t know or realized when researching this post. I will go back and edit. Grazie.

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