White Kitchens – Yes or No?

7 thoughts on “White Kitchens – Yes or No?”

  1. The key is “well-designed”. I think the issue is not necessarily too many white kitchens, but too many of the same look, nothing is personalized. So I’m with you, if done well, with layers of color and texture added in, it will look great forever.

  2. I’d like to add when the sunlight hits the white kitchen, especially the countertop and the backsplash, everything looks so pristine and calm and clean. Sadly, some people are reminded of hospitals with an all-white kitchen so I guess they prefer a kitchen with colors in it. I got this suggestion I read from somewhere; it said that you can still put some colors in a white kitchen. Just make sure that you’re incorporating the major or majority of the items white. It also suggested maybe a different shade of white, like the ones I saw from this company of countertops.

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